Best Steakhouse of Tyrol – TOP 10 of Austria. Apart from the tenderest steaks from Argentina, USA and Japan, proprietor Marcel Soré and executive chef Mario also have the finest Simmental beef from Austria on offer which is of highest organic quality, like everything on the menu. Asado’s special high-temperature grill caramelizes the meat with unbelievable roasting aromas. The ultimate accolade: awarded two forks and 85 points by Falstaff. Both dry-aged and vacuum-packed meat at Asado’s is delivered fresh, never frozen, supplied by the world’s best meat producers, even including the famous Kobe filet from Japan. The USDA Prime Beef hails from one of the best cattle breeders in Nebraska and Argentinian Black Angus beef is imported through Asado’s own channels.

Open daily from 04.30 p.m., monday closed
Reservations requested, also possible online hear

Asado‘s Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge
Best Steakhouse of Tyrol – TOP 10 of Austria
Aschauer Straße 28 | A-6365 Kirchberg
T +43 (0)5357 2973 |

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