Auf da Mühle

Restaurant ”Auf da Mühle“ in Söll wins the acclaim of visitors with its incomparable grain-fed meat specialties. The finest of filet and tenderest of Waguy-steak creations delight every diner. On the unique StoneGrill® you actually prepare your steaks (or your fish, vegetables and lots more) right at the table yourselves, watch them sizzle on a hot stone slab. And for those who don’t have a yearning for meat, there are seasonal and regional dishes on the daily menu, as well as pizzas, salads and pasta dishes. The chef sets highest store in absolute fresh preparation.

Open daily from 11.00 a.m. until 12.00 midnight

Auf da Mühle
Dorf 89 | A-6306 Söll
Tel. +43 (0)5333 20590 |

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