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KITZBÜHEL & Alpine Region | Issue 04 | Autumn 2017

Together with her husband Albert, Gerri runs the cultish restaurant dubbed Trauti in Merano. They utterly approve of “haute cuisine” but turn up their noses at gimmicks and falderal. Their double-barreled standard has made Trauti to the absolute in-meeting place of celebrities joined right alongside by the people from next door.

Gerri’s full name is Gerlinde Gross and the full name of the restaurant is “Restaurant Trautmannsdorf.” Nevertheless, nobody refers to either that way. That tidbit alone reveals just how free-and-easy the atmosphere in this gourmet temple really is. VIPs are welcome, but pretenses and prima donna behaviour are left outside. Every guest is equally welcome. Perhaps that is the very reason celebrities feel so much at home inside these walls above Merano. Princess Caroline of Monaco, pop singer Zucchero, entertainer Thomas Gottschalk, model Naomi Campbell and sports agent Flavio Briatore have all loved it here.

“We don’t need a gourmet star”

Restaurant critics say the place has deserved a gourmet star for a long time, but the hosts are adamant against it. Gerri’s opinion: “We already have a star, namely me!” They are the furthest thing from arrogant, they remain unmistakably fresh, candid, authentic and utterly convinced about what they do and how they do it, including daily trips to the market to buy the freshest produce possible. “For our exquisite creations and our guests, only the best will do”, says Albert, the shopper.

What arrives on the table?

Sashimi of wild Norwegian salmon with avocado, cappuccino of champagne soup, pincanha-carpaccio of black angus beef with braised artichokes and burratina, parmesan risotto with a baked free-range egg and black truffles … The international menu with an inimitable South Tyrolean accent makes gourmet hearts beat a wee bit faster. And to raise the excitement another notch, Gerri takes time to elucidate the special dishes herself, meandering from table to table. She performs them like a song to her guests, over and over, like a poem she has learned by heart.

Who, what, when, how?

Trauti is open all year round from 7.00 pm until 3.00 am, closed on Sundays and Mondays. One other unusual feature: hot meals are served until 1.00 am.


Restaurant Trautmannsdorf – Trauti
St. Valentinstraße 17
I-39012 Meran
Dienstag bis Samstag von 19.00 bis 3.00 Uhr
Sonntag und Montag ist Ruhetag
Reservierung: T +39 0473 232818