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Kitzbühel & Alpine region | Issue 09 | Spring 2019

A hunter needs a sharp eye, a steady hand, a sensitive feeling for his surroundings and an understanding of the habits of his prey. Martin Lugger’s “hunting trophies” are not stuffed animals, however.

Those “trophies” are sometimes seen hanging from walls, but far more often you’ll see them in advertising campaigns or magazines touting high-quality brand name products, interior furnishings, premium properties of the real estate market … or in Red Bull publications.

Because ever since the Dolomitenmann competition of 2008, Martin Lugger has also counted Red Bull among his clients. That was the starting shot for the passionate mountain climber to transform what was once a hobby and a personal lust for life and for nature into something more, namely, into a real profession.

Ever since then, he has been putting not only nature, sports and the environment, but also architecture, premium real estate properties, interior designs and high-quality brand name products “into the right perspective” – as a pro photographer. Which is to say, when he is not involved as a self-employed photography artist in his own right. For, between applied commissioned photography and free-wheeling artistic photography there is a big red dividing line.

The fact that clients ordinarily permit Martin Lugger to give free rein to his creativity is proof of their trust in the reliability and freedom of his mind and heart, attributes which he has retained from his early years.

Commissioned photography for him is generally an exciting and demanding process of communication, one for which he needs to remain sensitive, attentive and likeable to his clients when “hunting them down” – perhaps that is why he usually reaches such suitable, nay, such downright dazzling results.


DI (FH) Martin Lugger
Portrait | Sport | Tourismus | Industrie | Produkte
Andrä-Kranz-Gasse 7
A-9900 Lienz
T +43 (0)650 9331207

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