Project Description

Best of Lakes | 2017

Mirage, Mirage Air, Fantom, Demon, St. Tropez, Lido…even all by themselves the names make it obvious: yachts and boats by Frauscher
Shipyard in Ohlsdorf on lake Traunsee have as much in common with ”boats“ as a VW Beetle with Lamborghini and Ferrari. They are the ultimate high-performance swimmers, for they awaken emotions of a very special kind.

Frauscher Shipyard construct specially designed swimming statements like a virtuoso: with imposing navigational features, of overpowering quality, and have been doing so for ninety years. They have won acclaim from three generations of connoisseurs on all the continents in more than 14 countries.

Prestigious…and racy

Thomas Gerzer, director of development and creative brain at Frauscher Shipyards puts it aptly: “If I spend a lot of money on a boat these days, then I want people’s jaws to drop when I angle into the harbour. That is inevitable with our boats. People feel a quiver, this one is ‘hotter’ than all the others. That’s confirmed by the way our boats retain their value.” What does that boil down to? When developing the Mirage, for example, the designers asked themselves how a Lamborghini might look on the water. That is how a boat which brings class and breeding to the seas is born, those are the fireball attributes which it subsequently beams across the waves wherever it goes.

Setting the benchmarks

Stefan Frauscher, one of the CEOs at the shipyards, puts it this way: “What is always in our crosshairs is the product itself. Frauscher boat designs will set the standards far into the future.” The boats are a unique
alchemy of experienced master builders (some of whom have been on board for more than 25 years) and ardently creative souls. Both are pros, each in their own way.

Better and better still

Frauscher is one of Europe’s most modern shipyards, not least because they unceasingly ask the question “How can the next boat be even better?” CEO Michael Frauscher, in charge of just-in-time production, quality control and optimisation, adds: “Ongoing quality improvement is our major theme. We also ask ourselves what manufacturing facilities will look like three years from now.”

Service orientation as a tradition

Andrea Frauscher-Oberfrank is the first point of contact in port for existing and potential customers, where, not counting the mooring berths of more than 240 boat owners, there is also room reserved for winter anchorage.

Your partners on the lakes

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