Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpine Region | Issue 10 | Autumn 2019

That’s how this unique rooftop apartment of a succesful entrepreneur in the heart of Munich appears.

On the uppermost floor of an historically-protected estate going back to the fin-de-siecle, the dream of Alexander Schönauer was turned to reality. Through the visionary power that he applied to his fashion agency starting in 1987 and to the real estate company he has been leading since 1996, he succeeded in transforming a rooftop floor in the Augustenstraße in Munich Schwabing in a breathtaking manner. In the process, he had 160m2 of floor space spanned over with spectacular finest-carpentered oaken overhead beams, absolutely unparalleled in Munich. Today he sees his visit to the Minotti store in Munich as a stroke of felicitous destiny, where he not only discovered the perfectly suitable grandezza of an Italian label, but also got to know Stefan Rollwagen, who – apart from running the Minotti store – is also proprietor of the premium interior brand Egetmeier. Together, they transformed the 4.5-metre high room into an apartment of refined sophistication without in any way taking away from the radiant powers of the ceiling construction.


Egetemeier Wohnkultur GmbH
Nymphenburger Straße 121
D-80636 München

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