Project Description

Vienna | Issue 20 | Autumn 2017

Physiotherm Infrared Cabins have been successfully using the beneficial effects of heat for over 20 years. What is so special: Physiotherm is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer the unique combination of low temperature infrared technology and patented lava sand technology. This form of gentle heat application – the Physiotherm-Principle – could only be realised after focused research work in the company’s own R&D department. The positive effects of using Physiotherm Infrared Cabins speak for themselves: regular use at a gentle 30 °C can relieve tension, ease back pain and strengthen the immune system.

A further highlight: the intensity of the heat application can be adjusted individually and variably inside the infrared cabin – SENSOcare® technology developed by Physiotherm allows skin temperature to be measured without any contact to the skin, making it possible for infrared heat to be used in a reclining position and for persons with limited sensitivity to the heat.


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