Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 43 | Summer 2018

Enjoyment pure, at the Audi Mountain Experience in Kitzbühel. From offroad joys in a brand new Audi Q8, to a sumptuous lunch, everything your heart desires is on offer, including a “behind-the-scenes tour” over the world-famous Streif with living ski legends.

Audi + mountain + adventure + exclusive driving fun = Audi Mountain Experience. All of this gets combined into one, and can be experienced from 30th August til 2nd September 2018 in Kitzbühel. The extraordinary highlight is a brand new Audi Q8, for the first time in Austria, which is available to you all day long for a test drive. Draw envious glances from the crowd when you steer your Audi Q8 through them. Let yourself be dazzled by the extravagant design, the impressive performance, the unbeatable comforts for everyday use, paired with unparalleled off-road qualities and a maximum of safety along panorama roads and over the Audi Offroad Parcours. Take it from us: a summertime driving experience at its ultimate awaits you under the sign of the four rings.

Equally breathtaking are the driving routes on the Audi Mountain Experience. Embedded in the incomparably picturesque galaxy of mountains all around Kitzbühel, grand panorama roads, unique forest trails and challenging offroad parcours experiences await you in the new Audi Q8. In its full performance mode, all five of your senses will begin to quake.

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