Project Description

Best of Lakes | 2017

At the beginning of 2014 Sigrun and Günther Kollitsch opened the portals to their new convocation centre, thereby establishing both a home office for their staff and a suitable stage for the presentation of art works: KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH.

The office building is adorned with contemporary art works in accordance with the guiding Kollitsch objective to combine art with sophisticated living niveau. Rotating exhibitions present works from the Kollitsch collection together with works on loan, some of which can be purchased.

Contemporary Art

The Kollitsch collection is a private assemblage of contemporary international art, continuingly expanded over the years, including works from every important genre: painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, photography and video.

Passionate Professionals

Behind KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH stands a staff of highly involved, highly professional experts with a passion for contemporary art and culture. At the side of Sigrun and Günther Kollitsch, also Frank Falderbaum and Hans Vieth have been active as curators and advisors since 2015, bringing contemporary art items from Cologne, Germany.


– SHOW…3: 03.10.2016–07.07.2017 The third and largest group exhibition to date at KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH. The list of artists comprises 31 contemporary creators and displays a total of 88 exhibition pieces of modern art in international face-to-face presentation.

– SHOW…4 can be seen from 29.09.2017 to 06.07.2018.

– INA WEBER: “TRÜMMERBAHNEN” – A MINIGOLF COURSE”: 05 May–27 October 2017 Awaiting visitors on the green spaces all around KUNSTHAUS : KOLLITSCH are playable installations known as “TRÜMMERBAHNEN” or “WRECKAGE LANES” – A MINIGOLF COURSE” 2004–2017 comprising 13 minigolf lanes by artist INA WEBER.


Deutenhofenstraße 3
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