Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 43 | Summer 2018

Well known for his sophisticated claims to perfection, Peter Hauschild lives to the utmost his family-run company Hauschild Gebäudetechnik und Badearchitektur, doing precisely what customers expect from a high-grade craftsman enterprise. His ambitious striving and stunning powers of innovation are visible, even feelable, in every one of his projects and underpin in turn the corporate philosophy behind it all: “Unite with the home.” This fiery passion for extraordinary solutions has also ignited and spurred the drive of the entire Hauschild team. Engineer Heidemarie Hütter has managed the bathroom architecture division for the last five years. “Viewing the bathroom as a living space has been a trend for quite awhile. What is new is the possibility of creating custom-made solutions for individual needs. Just like in the fashion branch, practically all desires and needs can be fulfilled.

The trend currently is moving towards greater ranges of colours, mixed with high-grade materials of metal, concrete, ceramic, wood, wallpaper, fabrics and stone. Resting on the shoulders of high-quality counsel, these things can be combined in very harmonious ways without being endangered or subjected to damage. For example, changing a bathtub into a walk-in shower space is the most frequently chosen alteration in a bathroom which we carry out for customers,” says engineer Heidemarie Hütter. For her the upshot is this: Ultimately, it is the professional planning which is decisive for the long life of a bathroom, along with the choice of tried-and-tested quality products.


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