Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 48 | Winter 2020

swissFineLine is the premium quality window for sophisticated buildings. It represents the highest standards in design and technology. The system shows the way to the future in its entire range of models, fulfilling all the demands of architectural design, safety and insulation – both warmth and acoustical.

The frameless sliding window with its high-power insulating wrap-around profiles fit seamlessly into any wall, floor or ceiling. They enable designs with-out any transitions or thresholds, creating unlimited views and sun-filled rooms. swissFineLine laces together exterior and interior spaces, turns them into a magnificent overall feeling of full-fledged living.

In addition, the automated sliding function provides the ultimate degree of convenience and mobility. To underscore how these products are continuously developed and amplified, a variety of components such as shading, insect screens, burglary protection, acoustical shields reinforce the product in ways to generate an overall solution that has won unbridled enthusiasm from architects and project developers.


swissFineLine GmbH AT
Campus 21
Liebermannstraße A02/303
A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge
T +43 (0)2236 377481

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