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Kitzbühel & Alpine region | Issue 09 | Spring 2019

Holzbau Maier has demonstrated it for more than 50 years: wood is an unsurpassed building material when the aim is to combine warm, traditional ambience with modern architecture. On a mountainside it is an unbeatable formula.

Regardless whether it is a low-energy house, a modern chalet or a commercial property – for Holzbau Maier, wood is the perfect building material: comfortable and comforting, with immense flexibility. Just how intelligent it is to build with a raw material which keeps growing, is never used up, has been demonstrated by the largest wood construction company in Salzburg since 1967 through tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Not only their love of wood plays a role in this family company. It is the 140 happy and dedicated employees who are all carved of the selfsame stuff – love of wood – who devote themselves to aim ever higher in building from wood for private or public projects.

Take off your hiking boots, lean back and relax

Holzbau Maier pays particular heed to the buildings out in nature which they plan and execute all by themselves. This is the apogee of building in wood, and there are now numerous examples: the AreitLounge (hot spot of mountain refuges in Zell am See), noble and stylish, yet also traditional and cosy. The Schmiedhofalm: modern architecture combined with homey ski-hut atmosphere. The Wildkogelalm: resonating in knotty stone pine, redolent with alpine scents, creating a natural and extremely cosy charm. And many more besides. What most of these mountain refuges, restaurants and chalets have in common is easily explained: weatherproof and wonderful facades; materials merging together in perfect harmony, e.g. wood and stone; and outstanding handcrafted workmanship.

Our secret tip when you see a building on the mountainside: sit down, lean back, savour the vistas. But don’t forget to take good care of the nature all around…


Gewerbestraße 171
A-5733 Bramberg
T +43 (0)6566 7264

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