Project Description

KITZBÜHEL & Alpine Region | Issue 04 | Autumn 2017 Text: Klaus Dörre

Art galleries which arise out of close collaboration with artists, ply their trade out of passionate commitment to artists, are rare. Galerie Frey in Salzburg is one of the select few. The only thing which matters is quality. That is the reason they give “unknown” artists a real chance, something extraordinary nowadays. Just like the fact that those selfsame artists are ongoingly counseled and represented along their artistic path by siblings Peter and Andrea Frey and their team of experts. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Including the customers.

The success and high profile of Galerie Frey are the result of a pragmatic love of art which appears to be genetically predetermined. Andreas and Peter’s mother made a name for herself in Salzburg as a gallery owner of repute, presenting classic Austrian artists ranging from Attersee to Nitsch to Seppel-Sperl. Attersee’s works will again be on view this autumn. As guest in May was Herbert Goiser, an artist whom Galerie Frey exclusively rolled out and whose works can now be viewed in New York, Miami, Basel and Hong Kong. This summer, Esther Stocker, painter and installation artist from South Tirol, was presented – yet another success story.

Affordable art

The focal point of the gallery in Salzburg, as well as in Vienna, is to connect vivacious contemporary art works with the interested public, shifting presentations between the two urban branches in relatively short cycles. Frey introduces about two new artists each year, offering their works at reasonable prices, compared to ordinary commercial art centers, keeping the works “affordable and not too exclusive.”

Working one’s way up from the bottom with artists

He has proven to have an unerring “eye for quality” when trailblazing for new artist contacts and selecting the ones worthy of his attentions. His experience and his down-to-earth taste stand him in good stead in the unending search for unknown artists who deserve to become known, and subsequently do, resulting in rising prices for their works.

Art lovers and collectors, as well as interested amateurs seeking to acquire art works as an investment, are well advised to examine the works on display at Galerie Frey with a very careful eye. Experience shows that it pays.


Galerie Frey Salzburg
Erhard-Platz 3
A-5020 Salzburg
T +43 (0)662 840200