Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2018

“It’s about the human being, about the guest. Cal Reiet offers visitors a base from which they can experience themselves in a new way. To rest and to regenerate, to learn and to grow, and to realign oneself. Wherever you are in life. Cal Reiet is not a classic hotel. Rather, it is a retreat, a place to rebuild, to charge your batteries, to find peace.” Petra and Henning Bensland, owners and founders of Cal Reiet, explain how you can feel at home with open-minded hosts amidst a lush Mediterranean garden.

Guests from all over the world come to one of the many holistic retreats, such as workshops and seminars on yoga, meditation, mindfulness and coaching. All offers are managed by renowned international lecturers. Others come to find peace in a special place and to be here undisturbed for themselves. Companies book the entire hotel to offer their employees utterly new, sustainable incentive events. What they find at Cal Reiet: a unique blend of inspiration and self-transformation.

“Our guests have the opportunity to taste holistic and spiritual ways of life in an informal atmosphere. From healthy nutrition to yoga, mindfulness to meditation in the context of spiritual workshops,” say Petra and Henning Bensland. “The beauty and tranquility of the place permit visitors a possibility of comfortable retreat.”


CAL REIET, Holistic Retreat
Carrer Cal Reiet 80
ES-07650 Santanyi, Mallorca, Spain
+34 971 947047