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Kitzbühel & Alpine region | Issue 09 | Spring 2019

Through all the phases of construction, RAUMWERK works as your partner. This extends from the planning phases all the way through to the final completion and appointments. They are your own experts and visionaries, on the scene for your project, at your side to turn your own dreams to reality, so that you become owners of quality which accepts no compromises. The very unusual philosophy, which fulfils the wishes and needs of the most demanding, places partnership with clients at the epicentre of all activity. Renowned companies and brands such as Flos, Dornbracht or Holzrausch each make their own inimitable contributions to implementing the unique creation of RAUMWERK.

Urbanes Leben in Erlangen
Fichtestraße 11, Erlangen
3 Baukörper
21 Eigentumswohnungen

Special things are rare. Rarities have special value.

The preeminent influence on a style of architecture is its location. Location has an equally great influence on the selection of architect. An extraordinary atmosphere, a certain feeling of well-being are the most striking factors characterizing various locations, giving it a unique nimbus. With current projects, RAUMWERK is sending a signal of urbanity at the core of a lively university town – Fichtenstraße, Erlangen – and of vivacious living amidst greenery, in the noble residential district on the banks of the Isar – Benediktenwandstraße, Munich. RAUMWERK projects are unique creations.

Leben an den Isarauen
Benediktenwandstraße 33, München
1 Baukörper
8 Eigentumswohnungen

Raumwerk – architektonische Meisterstücke, geformt mit der eigenen Handschrift. Sofia und Philipp Schneider schaffen in Zusammenarbeit mit angesehenen Architekten besondere Bauwerke. Sie durchbrechen alte Strukturen und setzen damit innovative Maßstäbe.


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