Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 43 | Summer 2018 Text: Barbara Jahn

Natural materials are the hot current trend. All-encompassing healthy lifestyle has taken hold of everything from nutrition to organic clothing, and now has extended its reach to interior furnishings. Stone, leather, wood and wool are the grand winners in the race to cloak new furniture, as is amply evident at the Salone del Mobile 2018.

Without the slightest uncertainty or hesitation, they can be called “power materials” or to draw out the moniker further, natural materials which are conquering our interiors just as they dominate the landscapes of earth. It was not always that way. For ages, furniture manufacturers have posted their “sustainability” message onto the fair booths where they showcased their wares. But as of 2018 that is no longer necessary, for people have finally got the message, are realigning their perspectives all by themselves. The penny has dropped: why merely eat healthily, if one can also live in harmony with nature is well? The new view prevails, the public “gets” it. An all round win-win situation.