Project Description

Yachting | 2020 | Text: Marcus Krall

“Draw me something that Batman would drive,” was Roberto Cavalli’s briefing when he approached yacht designer Tommaso Spadolini. Cavalli wanted to replace his 41-meter-long “RC” with a smaller yacht that he could also drive himself. “RC,” remembers the experienced Tommaso Spadolini, “was mainly used commercially to push his business – there were always many VIPs on board. The new yacht was mainly intended for private use”. For Cavalli and his wife plus a maximum of four other guests, three crew members and of course the two German shepherds Lupo and Lapo.

The desired speed of more than 40 knots resulted in a drive package of three MAN engines with two Kamewa water jets and one booster and a construction of aluminium and carbon to keep the weight as low as possible. Test drives without furniture resulted in 46 knots, with fittings “Freedom” still achieves 42 knots. This speed is already “Batman-like”, but the black and grey metallic paintwork as well as the arch connecting the bridge with the outer end of the aft play with the image of the mysterious comic figure. Inside, however, it becomes eclectic. Here Roberto Cavalli himself lent a hand and chose his typical leopard prints for the decoration, combining them with his own photographs, sculptures and unusual lamps. ∞

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