Project Description

Yachting | 2021

A total window area of over 800 square metres – the equivalent of four tennis courts – was flexed into the superstructures. The floor-to-ceiling windows are up to three metres high and flood the rooms on all decks with an extremely large amount of daylight. Zaniz Jakubowski, who was instrumental in designing “Luminosity”, says: “The design process for this yacht began about eight years before it was delivered. Both the exterior and the interior concept of the yacht was to have the strongest possible connection to the sea. The client required a style that is described as ‘modern classic’. Sufficient space was a key element for him as well as airy rooms with as much daylight as possible.

Viel Glas bei der neuen Benetti Yacht

Among the highlights that Jakubowski had installed, and which of course appear by the dozen on a 108-metre-yacht, are an 80-centimetre high bed for a better view aft, a helipad with the option of stowing a Rolls-Royce Phantom here or, of course, a veritable spa area with indoor pool. The fact that 27 guests can permanently ride on “Luminosity” is not important. With a total volume of 5844 Gross Tons, the rooms are so spacious that there is no need to meet all day long.

Benetti Yacht

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