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Kitzbühel | Issue 46 | Winter 2019

After having completed his education as one of the youngest handicraft masters in Europe, he took over the reins of his father’s traditional carpentry and joinery workshop and expanded it into the internationally active company which it is today. Bernd Gruber conceives, plans and implements both private and public projects. Here is his latest:

Viewed from the outside the estate seems unremarkable, down-to-earth. Yet it harbours an absolutely flawless universe of privacy. “We actually turned back the clock in parts of the 800 m² estate, returned them to their raw state, generated them completely anew, and built in a lift which interconnects all the floors”.

Men’s cave

The former offices on the lower floor were transformed under the magic wand of Bernd Gruber into a so-called “men’s cave” – probably the hidden dream of every man. This zone is a playground for the fantasies of a typical bachelor evening: bar, billiard table, darts and huge screen to enjoy all the latest sports spectacles. Another highlight is the open fireplace in the centre of the room, resembling an ancient fire pit, but interpreted in highly modern ways.

Contemporary cosiness

The materials used include massive hazelnut wood and natural stone, brought to fruition through a clear-cut design line. It all adds up to an interior concept which harmoniously blends traditional and ultra-modern aesthetics. The spacious window fronts and the open fireplace, combined with the robust stone wall which laces its way through the entire house, generate an incomparably cosy feeling.

“At our manufacture, we produce the entire interiors for our projects,” explains Berrnd Gruber. “After all, an idea is only as strong as its realization,” he adds. “That’s why we accompany all our projects from the very first idea of what might be possible all the way to its final implementation. We coordinate each sector, each phase, to ensure the top level of quality.”

The essence of this work, together with his inimitable individual feel for architecture and design, is showcased in the just published book entitled “BERND GRUBER – INTERIOR DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP” – which is available at the Bernd Gruber Online Shop.


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