Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 48 | Winter 2020

To make a culinary concept livable in the Alps which is successful all over the world, that was the challenge for Bernd Gruber this time around. That was when the very first ZUMA restaurant in the German speaking area was born, in Hotel Weisses Rössl.

Next to London, New York, Miami and Dubai, now Kitzbühel falls into place as a hot spot for sophisticated guests on the exclusive list of ZUMA restaurants.

Zuma Restaurant in Kitzbühel: Interior von Bernd Gruber

When you enter the restaurant, you immediately feel how things are different here from all the other alpine-designed restaurants in Chamoix Town. The ambience is darker. Reflective room divisions and the open oakwood lamella wall enhance and amplify the private-sphere aspects. The bar, with an unparalleled list of urban spirits on offer, is the focal point. Add to that, international beats radiating from the ZUMA playlist, and the restaurant soon became the place to be.

Zuma Restaurant in Kitzbühel: Interior von Bernd Gruber

Through quite sensitive use of subdued and dark hues, a discreet and restrained atmosphere is generated. That is part of the concept, a major element of the identity. Indirect lighting and wall paneling create serenity, peace, deep comfort. For Bernd Gruber it was clear: when a world-famous restaurant concept gets transformed into a blueprint of rooms and space, a number of conflicting demands meet and need to be solved. On the one hand, an ambience boasting unsurpassable standards of quality; on the other, the high demands of an internationally savvy clientele.

Starting on 11 December, you can again experience fusion cuisine in a totally unique atmosphere.


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