Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 40 | WINTER 2016

Eyes are the window to the soul. Which is why Fred Brandstätter (Meikl Optik) finds it so important they are given an individual “frame“. Glasses that are in keeping with the wearer’s personality and the occasions to which they are worn.

Special and Sophisticated

In order to provide the perfect selection of spectacles, Fred Brandstätter is a regular visitor to the most important trade fairs in Milan and Paris. For him, it is not about finding the most sought-after brands and novelties. He is on the hunt for special and sophisticated models. Unknown makes that are distinguished by their interesting form, outstanding quality, excellent materials and craftsmanship. Fred Brandstätter perpetuates his version of the Kitzbühel style with his “Kitzbühel Collection”.

Fred Brandstätter often seeks out smaller manufacturers for his frames, some of whom still work by hand.

Best Quality

Glasses from Meikl Optik represent outstanding quality in design, frame and glass. The materials, the workmanship, the “finish“ in particular – final touches and sophisticated surfaces – are further quality characteristics.

Best Functionality

In addition to looking great, glasses should also offer the eyes optimum protection during sporting activities.

Customers can also expect contact lenses of the highest quality and latest technology.

Meikl Optik
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