Project Description

Yachting | 2022

When it is a matter of utterly individual sleeping needs or suitable textiles for bath and dining culture, that is when Rumöller is called for.

Founded nearly 125 years ago in Hamburg-Blankenese as a specialty shop for bridal trousseau and dowry, the firm grew steadily over the years. Today it radiates – far beyond the borders of Hamburg – as a synonym for the highest possible quality in design and individuality in furnishing bedrooms.


For many years, renowned shipbuilding works supplied by Rumöller with mattresses of the most exacting and unusual sizes and qualities, needful of fitting into the most extraordinary of spaces, have treasured the work of this company. Even the specifications of ‘sleeping comfort’ for a variety of body shapes and weights are taken into consideration. And above all else, the geographical vicinity to the north German companies makes this company highly attractive to the international yachting centres and de- signers, since they require the nearness and rapidity of the services required.


Through their longstanding connections to first-class international weaving studios and cloth manufacturers, quite unique products are generated. In that way, tex- tiles which are distinguished by their texture, design or individual forms and sizes are produced and delivered worldwide. “What it comes down to is the combination of expertise in combination with our incomparable experience in precisely what is called for in each situation, plus the love of detail which customers value in our products,” reports owner Marc Böhle. In such ways, unparalleled service offerings coupled with the uniquely sophisticated products from Rumöller permit their partners and their purchasers to sleep in tranquility.


Elbchaussee 582
D-22587 Hamburg
T +49 (0)40 860913

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