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Kitzbühel & Alpine region | Issue 09 | Spring 2019

A concentration of grotesque opposites, a push-me-pull-you seesaw of soft and hard forms, an exciting symbiosis of objects and the space around them: sculptures by South Tirolean painter and sculptor Friedrich Sebastian Feichter are a bold yet attractive attempt to capture feeling values stemming from the highly delicate twilight zone between reality and fantasy.

Feichter, who was born in Ahrntal in 1962 and whose roots were and still are deeply anchored in his homeland and in the traditions of the region of South Tyrol, endeavors to venture for a spell into other galaxies, thereby morphing into a frontier runner. He has a good feel for narrow, tricky borderlines, turns them into artistic themes in his works.

The multitudinous shapes of nature…

…are the alphabet of Feichter’s artistic language which he articulates as transmutations from an interior world to an exterior one. His artistic cycles reveal a deeply psychological source. On the one hand, organic, primordial shapes tend to dominate in capsule and sickle form as plants standing on fragile legs or with delicate trunks. Defying gravity, they yet seem to hail from a healthy, optimistic world. On the other, they disclose the burdensome emotions of matter and fleshly desires.

Friedrich S. Feichter’s art is a veritable adventure trip. It contains independent, free-standing objects and also formal experiments with matter as it becomes integrated with space and with people. At the same time, his works are intimate mirrors of the human soul.

Friedrich S. Feichter …

…attended the woodcarving school of St. Jakob in the Ahrntal in South Tyrol, later studied sculpture and sculpting at the Technical College in Graz. He is represented in numerous galleries in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria. He lives and works as an independent artist in Luttach in the Ahrntal.


die kunstagenten
Martina Dorner-Bauer
Hautzenberg 6
A-6372 Oberndorf bei Kitzbühel

Schopenhauerstraße 17/30
A-1180 Wien
T +43 (0)664 5150777

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