Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 46 | Winter 2019

All those who have their own house with terrace and garden spend a lot of time in and around that home. Especially when the sun is shining. How nice, when you can also sit in cool, refreshing shade. Like in an organic-climate pergola by Biossun.

A superbly designed pergola by Biossun is far more than just a terrace roof. The individually adjustable shades work like your own huge air-conditioning system. If you wish, you can let full sunshine bathe the terrace. Or else half or completely cover it with soothing shade. The laws of physics generate and create cooling currents of air, permitting you to actually regulate the temperature from floor level. Warm air streams upwards through the panels, cool air is fed downwards automatically, to precisely where you want to have it.
Each house and every terrace is different. That’s why there are no pre-fabricated Biossun pergolas. At Biossun, you select from among a plethora of single elements, combine them individually in just the ways you need them for your own open-air spaces.

Come and test it on-site, try out the Biossun pergolas at our “MOONICH.brands for atmosphere” showroom, south of Munich. MOONICH is the importer and manufacturer of high-end lifestyle and design products in interior furnishings which succeed in satisfying the very highest demands upon design and quality. Suitably arranged with lounge chairs and sofas, NEOZ wireless lighting and HEATSCOPE designer heat-beamers, enraptured living spaces take form beneath Biossun pergolas in the MOONICH showroom and will astonish you. Come see how you can unfold your own desires and needs. Personal consulting and planning service is automatic here, part of the overall plan.


Biossun Solutions S.A.S.
Showroom südlich von München
Kramergasse 32
D-82054 Sauerlach bei München
T +49 8104 647090

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