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Kitzbühel | Issue 46 | Winter 2019

With her sovereign elegant living concepts, Birgit Otte stands at the pinnacle of the world of luxury living.

Kitzbühel feels nearly like a second home to Munich interior designer Birgit Otte. Many of her clients live here. Only recently she completed the designs for a mammoth project: a 2000 m² house with five floors – a grandeur which causes no quivers for Birgit Otte. “From hotels all the way to 60-metre long yachts, they can all be found in my portfolio. ‘Think big’ is every bit as familiar to me as the challenge of creating tiny rooms for better living”.

Otte works, quite consciously, worldwide. The reason for that is obvious to her: it inspires ongoingly. The ultra-modern penthouse in Miami stands parallel to the historically protected Fischerhaus on an island in the Venetian lagoon. That’s just the way Birgit Otte loves it: it is the source of her world style.

A new feather in the cap of her international interior design projects is the flagship store of the Italian luxury brand Promemoria in Munich. This is dreamland turned to reality, and not merely because Otte herself embodies this landmark house to near perfection in her commissions. She simply loves luxury, robust colours and strong materials. But also timeless design laced with tranquil shades like beige or brown.

Her feel for style, her experience, and above all else her creative bravado permit her to interconnect all the requisite elements in astonishing and canny ways. She generates rooms one wants to sink down into like a deep pillow, so much good feeling is awakened by her designs. It is doubtless a gift which cannot be learned. Birgit Otte has got it. And for that reason, she is an interior designer who is in high demand on the cusp of time.


Jagdschloss Wolffersdorff
Birgit Otte Interior GmbH
Im Schloßgutfeld 1–2
D-85395 Wolfersdorf
T +49 (0)81 68 99 89 055

Promemoria Munich
Theresienstraße 66
D-80333 München
T +49 (0)89 28 70 12 36

Dienstag bis Freitag:
11:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

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