Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpine region | Issue 09 | Spring 2019

Glass and metal can act in combination to achieve astonishing things. It requires some courage, ability and a sensitivity to elegance in order to create something new. Thereby, things are realized which others never thought possible. The South Tyrolean-Austrian company METEK has made a name for itself through bold steps forward and highly individual approaches.

As if boldness weren’t enough, the solutions which are uncovered by METEK are not only focus on functionality, but also on elegance. This elegance is conceived in all-encompassing ways: at first glance, merely visually. When apertures open automatically, their motions also prove elegant. It is feelable down to the tiniest details. METEK applies these abilities in their treatment of glass and metal and their grasp of elegance not only to large-scale projects and hotels, but also to an increasing degree to private projects, such as an apartment in Pfalzen near Bruneck in South Tyrol.

METEK evidently makes the impossible possible, thanks to close collaboration with those placing the orders, a collaboration which is not merely deep, but mutually beneficial, bearing fruits to both sides. METEK retains the overview, since their solutions are supplied from one hand. The precision of the execution, apparently effortless, is
palpable everywhere in the results.


METEK Gmbh Niederlassung Austria
Thal-Wilfern 39
A-9911 Assling
T +43 (0)4855 20420
F +43 (0)4855 20421

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