Project Description

HAMBURG | Issue 18 | WINTER 2016    Text: Niki Lackner

Franz Konrad and Günter Fink have much in common. One thing, however, brings the friendship of the two interior architects down to a common denominator: their love of the classics. Timeless, elegant living rooms, tailor-made furniture and high quality craftsmanship are the maxims of their day-to-day work. The designers place a special focus on the kitchen of a house, as this is often the social hub and central point in people’s lives.

On entering the elegant business premises of Konrad & Fink in Vienna and Graz visitors feel immediately at home. The stylish and high quality interior conveys both warmth and comfort.

Rooms are like pictures

In order for rooms to mean something to the people in which they dwell, perfect planning and preparation is required. “The furnishings must reflect the style of the owner, the energy of the place, lighting conditions and layout“, says Franz Konrad. Günter Fink adds: “Rooms are like pictures, which only come into their own when the frame, the passe-partout and place in which they hang form a single entity.“

In-house furniture manufacture

Working in collaboration with exclusive producers, kitchens, lounges and bathrooms of incomparable charm come into being at Konrad & Fink‘s in-house furniture factory at their company headquarters in Graz. Special requests, usually artistic handcrafted pieces, are also produced by the talented carpenters on site.

Paul Bocuse

”Despite all this attention to detail and focus on visual beauty, functionality is also of great importance to us“, emphasises Günter Fink. ”Even Paul Bocuse should enjoy using our kitchens. Design is beautiful and important, but it must function well too“.


Konrad & Fink

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Gonzagagasse 20
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A-8010 Graz
Herrengasse 13
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