Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 46 | Winter 2019 | Text: Klaus Dörre

Whoever builds a home in the Kitzbühel region needs a general contractor and architect in whom an unfalsified love of nature is planted deep in his bones alongside the ability to combine traditional modes of construction of the region with the highest imaginable demands for modern living. Sebastian Resch and his team turn this wish, this necessity, to sustainable reality, and have been doing so for 25 years. Their newly built headquarters in Going am Wilden Kaiser are proof positive of it.

The new premises which unfold over 300 m² of floor space are representative yet understated, furnished with high-quality materials (reclaimed oak walls, stone and oaken floors, flanked by the absolute latest in technology and design) both interior and exterior. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of it, a discreet atmosphere of all-encompassing serenity prevails throughout, communicating to clients an undeviating sense of profound, controlled sophistication which is authentically linked to regional architecture, on the one hand, and sublimely modern living and working areas, on the other. Staff and clients alike appreciate these premises as a tranquil, spacious ambience reinforcing an efficient focus on what is beautiful and what is important.

From initial plans to sketches, to tendering offers for realization, extending all the way to on-time completion of the project, at Resch everything is done from one and the same source. General contractor, service, supervision, customer care, including after house completion, are components of the whole which are self-evident. The Resch team also know every nook and cranny of the region for your search and selection of a suitable property lot to build on, everything that needs to be known.


Bau- und Planungsbüro Resch GmbH
Kaiserweg 30
A-6353 Going am Wilden Kaiser
T +43 (0)5358 2200
F +43 (0)5358 2233

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