Project Description


The “Urban Fishermen” of Crusta Nova guarantee something through their farm-to-table concept which the international prawn industry cannot offer: genuinely fresh sashimi-quality. The innovative farming-method of this popular seafood avoids long transport routes to consumers. Crusta Nova is a pioneer in far-sighted future-oriented agricultural production. The Bavarian prawns are bred in accordance to anilmal welfare, without antibiotics and never frozen.

Probably the “freshest prawns in Germany” have swiftly conquered the hearts of fish suppliers, delicatessens and gourmet restaurants in Germany and Austria. Compared to conventional prawns which are ordinarily frozen for six to seven months in blocks, these prawns arrive in less than 24 hours fresh on your dinner table. Star chef Eckart Witzigmann examined and verified the crustaceans for two whole days and was enthusiastic about the taste. Since then, more and more top chefs place the Bavarian prawns prominently on their menus, including top restaurants in Kitzbühel and surroundings.

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