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Yachting | 2021

What is luxury in the world of mobility? Rather simple: to get from point A to point B via adequate means of transportation. Admittedly, it is some-times just from point A to point A, namely when pure pleasure in movement, not utilitarian purpose, takes the upper hand. nobleunique® supplies vehicles, jets, helicopters and yachts to selected clients. Is this luxury mobility? No. The luxury lies in the galaxy of special services. Flexible, on-command, individual services, e.g. it goes without saying that the vehicle is delivered to your private residence, to your jet, to your yacht. The noble-unique® philosophy goes further still. The character of mobility generated by a high-quality vehicle, in particular through the services accompanying it, has generated clients unburdened by ownership, enriched by flexibility, basking in a superlative quality of life.

SMOOTH OPERATIONS On demand. Flexible. Discreet.

on the ROAD

A sweeping, breathtaking stable of vehicles awaits you. Whether sports car, SUV, limousine or estate car, appointed from a range of brands which can fulfil every wish. Moreover, your nobleunique® vehicle is available anywhere in Europe in truly luxurious ways, also as a one-way operation, it goes without saying.

in the SKY

Private jets of any size, depending on number of passengers wishing to travel, how far the journey reaches, and level of requisite comfort on board, are available. Special jets are also in the portfolio, specimens that can easily manage quick flights, landing on grass or gravel runways. In particular, for helicopters, special company landing and take-off rights enable the highest measure of flexibility.

on the OCEAN

All needs are covered, all wishes answered: small yachts for daytime excursions all the way to super-yachts, e.g. the Savannah (see p. 128). The repertoire of choices focuses on the Mediterranean Sea with emphasis on Côte d’Azur. Sport-oriented clients also have the possibility of choosing high-speed boats, so-called “cigarettes”.


nobleunique® x ROSENBERG COLLECTION Experiences create unforgettable moments in life. They open the door to an unparalleled lifestyle, experienced by a privileged few. The curated luxury experiences combine a hand-picked selection of stunning cars, jets and yachts with outstanding lifestyle experiences.

Details of the nobleunique® Rosenberg Collection, e.g. ESCAPE THE PANDEMIC, MONACO F1 GRAND PRIX, SECURE YACHT RETRAIT, can be found on the website:


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