Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2017

The highly developed and unique DUX boxspring systems are the result of nearly a century of research and trials.

A DUX bed is based on knowledge gained from sleep research aimed at enhancing the correct sleeping posture. The spinal column lies straight and is dynamically supported. The muscles are able to relax completely. Sleep studies have shown that in a DUX bed you not only fall asleep more quickly, you also get as much as one additional hour of deep sleep, and thus, increased rest and recuperation.

Dynamic ad-infinitum spring-core system

The revolutionary DUX spring-core system automatically adapts itself to the weight and form of the sleeper. It moves with the sleeper’s body, shapes itself to body contours and provides ongoingly dynamic support for each point of the sleeper’s physique. It is flexible, enabling shoulders and hips to sink in, yet is simultaneously resilient; the spinal column is lifted and supported. Important pressure points, particularly in the spinal column, are given optimal ergonomic and health-enhancing supports, blood flow is freed, muscles relax completely.

Individually adjustable

Through the patented Pascal System, a DUX bed can be calibrated to precisely correspond to the needs of the sleeper and changed at any time. Exchangeable spring-core cassettes of varying firmness can be separately adjusted for legs, hips, shoulders. Thus, differences in weight, height, hip width and skeletal muscles in case of weight change, surgery or pregnancy are ever-adaptable. With model DUX 8008 the lumbar support rigidity can be individually adjusted in each half of the bed.

Best materials

Among a variety of certification metrics, DUX beds are also tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex standards, thus, completely free of any and all health-endangering substances. The wood used in the manufacture of the bed frames comes from northern Sweden and is taken from the strongest pines on earth. These internal wood frames are a DUX invention.

Top quality Swedish steel forms the backbone of every DUX bed. Out of this, the DUX family company has made its own spring-core systems for four generations, something unparalleled in the world of manufacture. Only this production technique enables the human body three-dimensional cushioning: vertically, horizontally, diagonally.

For maximum comfort DUX uses high-quality natural rubber, guaranteeing both a long life and the ultimate in human comfort. With these so-called toppers, as with so much else, DUX researched, discovered and invented its use, thereby setting new standards for the industry.

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