Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2017

Bringing together contemporary art and pieces of furniture of various epochs in historic buildings exercise a special fascination on him. Ramon de Abadal merges the antique with the modern, the simple with the luxurious, in order to give a room more personality, to give it an aura of secretiveness and mystery.

The historic background of a room, as well as the individual needs of its inhabitants and residents, are what give him inspiration again and again. He uses the constancy of the materials which are available, then draws them into the present in comfortable and respectful ways. Ramon de Abadal’s motto in this venture is: “In this room I would like to be able to live, move about and breathe.”

Always searching

He frequently uses antiques and carpets which are utterly unique, or archeological pieces, rare textiles and modern works of art. In this endeavor he also collaborates with experienced craftsmen and certain select artists. And he is always on the lookout, always searching for pieces which are extraordinary. On his travels he quite often finds original things, these in turn inspire him and awaken his curiosity anew.

The right light

Lighting is very important to Abadal. “The room has to be attractive at every time of day. It also has to be changeable by the owner, depending on his moods and his wishes.” For that reason he makes a lighting plan at the start of every project which draws attention to special elements in the room.

Cosmopolitan philosophy

His eclectic style and his personal philosophy have evolved under heavy influence from his professional life as a diplomat.
“I worked as a career diplomat for Spain during the late 80´s and 90´s starting in the Spanish Embassy in Khartoum (Sudan) where I discovered the beauty of the desert and the African taste for colour and crafts. My second posting was Athens (Greece). During my long stay I became passionate about Ancient Greek culture and art. Then I worked at the Foreign Ministry in Madrid taking care of cultural affairs, mainly promoting Spanish art and culture all over the world. My last posting was four years in London. Long after leaving the UK I spent three years in Southeast Asia. The Orient had always been a trademark of my style, this time I went much further by learning the true spirit of the region.”

Ramon de Abadal’s work has been published in “Interiores”, “Elle Decoration” (Spanish and Greek editions), in “Marie Claire” and in other Spanish and Greek interior-design magazines. At his showroom in the old town of Palma de Mallorca, visitors can discover his work and the man himself on-site.

Ramón de Abadal Interiors
Carrer de la Protectora, 6 bajos
ES-07012 Palma de Mallorca
T +34 871 902 957
M +34 659 688 029