Project Description

kitzbühel | Issue 40 | WINTER 2016

Photographer, Florian Mitterer, from St. Ulrich am Pillersee takes the fundamental meaning of the word “photography“ quite literally, and translates it into artistic work using state of the art photo technology in all its forms.

The word photography derives from the ancient Greek words of phōs, phōtós (light) and gráphein (draw, paint, write). Photography, therefore, has always been an artistic profession – or vocation – of an artist who “paints” or “draws” with light.

Empathy and Precision

Florian Mitterer is one of these artists. His “eye” is sensitive, empathic and precise; his equipment – his “tools” – are simply the best and state of the art. His compositional strategies are both original and extraordinary. His personal photographs of people seem to glow from within.

Real Estate, Interiors, Advertising

Prestigious real estate companies, Aufschnaiter Furnishing House in St. Johann, Sepp Hofer Carpenters (Oberndorf) and marketing agencies rely on the special expertise of this photographer from Nuarach and his ability to make their objects, interiors and campaigns “shine” – or “present them in the best light” in the truest sense of the words.
He won the “2014 Tirolissimo State Prize for Advertising“ in the “Commercial Photography” category. Still life, food design and pure product photos will remain high on his artistic agenda in the future. .

Florian Mitterer Photography
Dorfstraße 78
A – 6393 St. Ulrich am Pillersee
T +43 5354 20882