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Kitzbühel | Issue 40 | WINTER 2016

Under the direction of CEO Davide Malberti, the Rimadesio family company – which started out as a glazing enterprise – has evolved into a global player in the interior design sector and is revolutionising interior architecture with its sliding door and room divider systems.

Davide Malberti was born in 1963 in Desio, Italy, a district not far from Milan famous for its design and furniture companies. Malberti began his career with Rimadesio in the research and development department at the tender age of 20. He was manager of the marketing department by 1987, moved to the sales division in 1990 and became a member of the Executive board in 2000. Together with his brother Luigi Malberti, he has been CEO of the company since 2009.

Under Malberti’s leadership, Rimadesio has developed into an international company with showrooms and flagship stores all over the world. Furthermore, the Rimadesio brand is setting pioneering standards when it comes to the environment: recycled materials such as glass and aluminium form the basis of Rimadesio products. All business processes ranging from production to packaging are sustainable, energy efficient and resource friendly.

Malberti and Bavuso

One of Malberti‘s most important entrepreneurial and strategic decisions originated in Cologne in the late 1980s: a meeting with Giuseppe Bavuso. “We were both keen to turn our visions into reality“, is how he described this meeting during an interview with Austrian daily newspaper, ”Die Presse“ at the Rimadesio flagship store at Vienna’s premium interior furnishers, Grünbeck.

The Room Opener

In the early 1990s, the two “young guns” found that the door was a missing element on the furniture market. “There were no doors that provided a beautiful, decorative element“, says Bavuso in his ”Presse“ interview.

”Siparium“ – as Rimadesio calls this revolutionary system that is based on scenes of ancient Roman theatre – was showered with prestigious design awards immediately after its launch in1992.

With its silent magnetic closing system, aluminium and glass corpus and effective presentation with sophisticated colours and leather and wood combinations, this design signalled the start of Rimadesio’s evolution into becoming a trailblazer and global player in the interior design world.

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