Project Description

Streifzug Gourmet | 2019

They still exist, those good places, those choice spots of superlative enjoyment. And if they are to be found anywhere on earth, then in Kitzbühel. Even among those select few, Dewalds Weinladen is something special. Those who know wines, gourmets, enjoyment shoppers adore the ambience, the superb diversity of top wines, sparkling wines, brandies, liqueurs and juices, coupled with an informed yet heartwarming staff to assist you either with counsel or to help hunt down your favourites. And when you also have the option to taste choice delicacies, e.g. cured ham, chorizo, salami, foie gras, imported cheese specialties or the homemade legendary Alsatian cake, then comes the moment when a visitor transforms to a fan. You are welcome, you feel at home. You are in seventh heaven.

DEWALDs Weinladen
Im Gries 15 | A-6370 Kitzbühel | Tel. +43 (0)699 17291150 |

Monday from noon until 06.30 p.m.
Tuesday until Friday from 10.00 a.m. until 06.30 p.m.
Wednesday from 10.00 a.m. until 06.00 p.m.
Saturday from 09.30 a.m. until 06.00 p.m.
(in summer until 03.00 p.m)