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Kitzbühel & Alpine region | Issue 09 | Spring 2019

For 20 years, Mitja Einspieler has been turning valuable raw materials into beautiful pieces in his workshop. For 20 years he has been handcrafting the finest of gold smithy workmanship. For 20 years, the atelier beneath the medieval vaulting in the old town of Klagenfurt has been a top address for exclusive jewellery.

Rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, charms made of unusual materials in the skilled hands of this jewellery designer are transformed to love declarations made of gold, platinum and diamonds.
“Diamonds consist of highly concentrated, compressed energy. The are pure and fascinating light,” rhapsodizes Mitja Einspieler. “That’s the secret behind their attraction, their fascination.” When it comes to qualitative criteria of earth’s hardest natural raw material, he knows what he is talking about. He is one of the most successful diamond dealers in Carinthia. Among his clients number the movers and shakers, decision makers who seek exclusive jewellery or a reliable investment.

Brilliant jewels

Einspieler knows the essential fact only too well: what matters above all else is the cutting, that is what elevates a gemstone to true brilliance, magnetizes every eye to its radiance. Apart from the cut, the carats, purity and colour are what determine its value. Through his expertise, the gem designer is able to offer his clients not only wise counsel but also a selection of gorgeous gemstones. In his atelier, these noble raw materials are transformed into innovative artistic creations. During the initial stage of forging his drafted concepts, he fully incorporates the wishes, preferences and personal style of his clients.

Veritable masterpieces

Jewellery lives forever. It outlasts every fashion, every trend, observes the passage of time with ease, and pure pleasure. Einspieler also knows: a ring does not require a special occasion. In his atelier he generates through meticulous craftsmanship original pieces which cause every human heart to beat a wee bit faster.
The jewellery artist, who is the honoured recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, has enjoyed the ardent support of his wife Martina for twenty years. She adds her delicate touch everywhere in the atelier, which transforms the workshop itself into a gem. Thus, the presentation of designer specimens in such an exquisite ambiente becomes a grand experience in itself.


Renngasse 7
A-9020 Klagenfurt/Celovec
T +43 (0)463 502 767
M +43 (0)664 443 08 79

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