Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2017

Tatjana von Griesheim is one of the most popular and renowned landscape architects in Mallorca.

The garden at Castell Son Claret is one of her best known projects. After lovingly restoring the chateau in full detail, true to its historic origins, owners Klaus-Michael and Christine Kühne opened the premises as a luxury hotel in May 2013. Tatjana von Griesheim’s romantic sculpting of the garden landscape has played a major role in the overwhelming charm of the hotel area from the outset. “…with your design you have put the jewel in the crown of Son Claret garden. Thank you so much!” was the way Klaus-Michael Kühne articulated it, upon seeing her breathtaking achievement for the first time.

Creative Intelligence

A garden creation which fits into the landscape and corresponds to the modern era must, in Griesheim’s philosophic interpretation of garden landscaping, link and subsequently bond the buildings, the property and the immediate surroundings together. Depending on its intrinsic character and history, it must assemble a powerful yet harmonious synergy. Her objective each and every time is to set down a powerful signature imprint in the design yet maintain at the same time the unspoilt character of the landscape. That is a towering challenge. She rises to it each time by means of empathy, creativity and intelligence.

Competence and authority

Plants have to “get along with” the local terrain; they also need to “get by” with small amounts of water. For that reason, von Griesheim frequently integrates already existing local wildflowers and plants into her design concept, underscoring them with spraywater management and water-conserving drip systems. The classic English lawn will not be found among her creations, at least not as the dominant design factor. It is a “water-killer” par excellence, which makes it a no-go on Mallorca.

Tatjana von Griesheim
Calle Mortitx 53, bajo
ES-07013 Palma de Mallorca
T +34 971 213 304
F +34 606 370 840