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Kitzbühel | Issue 48 | Winter 2020

Helmut Pramstaller of Diogenes is considered to be an ingenious and meticulous planner and master who with his team injects lots of passion and ability, along with years of experience into wine cellars and wine ‘living spaces’ through projects designed for enjoyment and convivial get-togethers.

Weinkeller von Diogenes

Creations by Diogenes use historic woods from wine casks and highly modern components, they carry a unique signature. Wine barrel woods and wine are a marriage made in heaven: authenticity, atmosphere and a technically perfect climate for storing wines work together in perfect symbiosis. Pramstaller refines age-old wine cask woods with sandstone; and old, handmade bricks and tiles from floors or ceiling vaulting. The combination of wood and modern, svelte elements such as glass, black metal or stainless steel is especially attractive.

“Regardless whether it is for a private ambience, in a restaurant or in a hotel, Diogenes offers much more than just perfect wine storage. Our creations are showpieces in themselves, they provide displays of interior design which are unforgettable, they stimulate guests to wish to return to that living room,” explains Helmut Pramstaller.

Diogenes New Line stands for one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and furnishings of every imaginable type, regardless whether for the garden, kitchen, bath, office or wine living room and wine cellar. Helmut Pramstaller has designed countless interior design concepts for international clients, and then turned them to reality. Particularly the theme of wine rooms and wine cellars for hotels, retail sales shops or wine estates he and his team dedicate themselves to with ardour, these receive the full brunt of their passion and their talent.

Weinkeller von Diogenes


Gebrüder Pramstaller KG
Glocknerstraße 4
A-9990 Nussdorf-Debant
T +43 (0)4852 62498
F +43 (0)4852 62197

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