Project Description

Best of Lakes | 2017

Whoever lives here savours all the elements: sunshine, water, crisp mountain air, earthy scents of the land. On one of Carinthia’s loveliest, sweetest lakes, lake Ossiacher See northeast of Villach, Trecolore Architects has designed a splendid set of terraced apartments, crowned by a superb panorama penthouse.

The residence “Panorama Residences Ossiacher See” is a project developed by Trecolore comprising eight residential units on a slope rising from the southwestern lake shores. The private penthouse extends across both uppermost levels. The refined architectural concept reveals hardly a clue that topside in the penthouse, incomparable views over the entire lake are enjoyed.

At the centre of the free-standing building complex is an atrium terrace containing functional areas for living, cooking, dining together with an office and fitness studio. Vast window walls make it possible to expand living quarters into the atrium furing the warm season, where an infinity pool – complete with optical fusion to the distant panorama – caps the luxury.

All in all, a showcase project, where Trecolore Architects impressively demonstrate its role of modern trailblazer in integrated, all-encompassing solutions.

The Architect
After more than two decades of experience in developing, planning and realizing building projects, Hermann Dorn of Trecolore Architects still does not know the meaning of “routine”. Even modest projects are dreamed of, then planned, then implemented with passion, with enthusiasm for the complexities of each situation. “A successful project depends on finding the right project partners”, he explains. “The challenges have to be keenly perceived, the needs identified, the potential conflicts recognized early, the major parameters spotted. That is what leads to a perfect whole.”

This philosophy ensures cost stability and security, gives the overall endeavour solidity behind the dream. That is the code which Trecolore Architects labels “intelligent simplicity”.


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