Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2017

Port Adriano has become the most exclusive yacht marina in the Mediterranean and a veritable hot spot for up to 100m luxury yachts. The concept behind it was developed by none other than Philippe Starck, who served as both architect and designer for the entire area.

“Most harbors look like camping areas. Whatever happened to the dream of owning a beautiful yacht? On Mallorca it became an issue of intelligent, minimalistic elegance…” said Starck in an interview with the German magazine “Focus”. In designing the new yacht marina of Port Adriano, it was his express intention – as is the case with all his projects as industrial designer – “to create a design that will still be fashionable twenty years from now”. He has no use for the term “luxury“. What matters to him is simply: timeless quality.

Pure Design

That is the motto that sets its indelible imprint on even the smallest detail of the new marina, it is the unmistakable signet of Philippe Starck. Antonio Zaforteza, owner of Ocibar, allowed Starck free rein. From the white, 250m-long two-story port building to the lanterns adorning the shorebanks and stainless steel docking bollards on the mole. Cool, clean, elegant, functional. Pure design. All the hardly aesthetic elements such as ropes and cables and drainage canals are adeptly hidden from view.


There is simply no room for bling-bling or glitzy showcasing with
Philippe Starck. At Port Adriano the entire showtime panoply is absent, i.e. no pompous waterside approach in a Ferrari or Porsche, since parking is entirely underground. Yachts can be tanked right at the pier. Telephones, WLAN and SAT-connections are installed on board.

In the main building the boutiques, cafés, bars, galleries, real estate bureaus and yacht companies are located and even here, “starck”
aesthetic standards were observed and adhered to. Numerous culinary highlights, including a branch of the Sylt cult restaurant Sansibar, can pamper the most spoiled connaisseur taste buds on earth. They, too, bear the characteristic imprint of Starck design.

All of a piece

Port Adriano is the maritime hot spot of southwestern Mallorca’s yacht paradise. An all-encompassing masterpiece which dazzles and convinces in its exclusivity, avant garde vision, functionality and design, setting brand new standards throughout the Mediterranean.

Port Adriano
El Toro, s/n
ES-07180 Calvià
T +34 971 232 494