Project Description

Yachting | 2020

OLO ONE is the name of a new electric surfboard that enables silent and emission-free gliding at speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour. The name of the elegant board, built in Hamburg, refers to an old Hawaiian tradition. Thousands of years ago, only Polynesian chieftains were allowed to use a particular type of surfboard. This was called Olo.

Due to the longer size of the OLO ONE compared to other boards, it is very stable in the water. “I maintain that anyone can ride our board standing up without an introduction and practice phase at the first or at most second attempt,” says Reidel.

Since customer satisfaction and service are a special concern of the team, Vitalij Reidel and his colleagues used the one-year development time to think through the technical part. This is divided into two boxes: the battery and the so-called power box, the drive train. In the event of a complication, the power box can be removed from the fuselage as a module by loosening two screws and replaced with a new box. OLO BOARDS can thus guarantee an exchange within 24 hours within Europe.

Depending on the user’s body weight, the board accelerates to a maximum of 52 kilometres per hour. At full throttle, the battery offers a mileage of about 25 minutes. Recharching takes approximately two and a half hours. In the standard version the OLO ONE costs 24.999,– Euro. The delivery time is approximately three weeks.


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