Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 41 | Summer 2017

For years now, Tip Top Fenster of South Tirol has anticipated the needs of contemporary architecture. Glass surfaces keep getting larger, combined with quality construction, innovative materials and optimum insulation. Those are the things which distinguish Tip Top.

Far-sighted, clear-sighted, free-sighted

Feeling good, cosy, warm is obtainable: windows open our view to nature, bring it inside. They are the jewels of modern architecture. Glass connects us to nature, makes a residence alive, enjoyable, sustainable.
Innovation. Saving energy. Those are the hallmarks of Tip Top. Those features are what have made it one of the top suppliers of quality windows, facades, glass walls and conservatories. Those are also what drives it to keep seeking better solutions and products.

Highlights for private homes and hotels

The demands keep increasing. That spurred Tip Top to develop the WINDOW DOLOMITES range, a fibreglass-reinforced synthetic for energy-efficient buildings which fulfils the highest expectations. This technolocial apex of innovation has multi-faceted uses in private homes and hotels. The DESIGN series by Tip Top makes possible a flushed transition from interior to exterior spaces, thereby enabling residents spectacular, unlimited views from panorama windows, as well as huge energy savings.

Individual solutions

Permanent glass surfaces combined with sliding/lifting doors for balcony or other window spaces can be individually tailored to any residence and to specific customer wishes. The permanent glass fixtures have no visible frames, an immense design-plus in modern architecture. Indoors becomes outdoors.

Only pros on the job

An experienced and flexible 100-man strong team of professionals is on the job at Tip Top, guiding, supervising and caring for your needs from A to Z, everything from one hand, planning-to-completion, including installation and after-service assistance. The result? The list of highly satisfied customers keeps getting longer, north and south of the Alps.


Tip Top Fenster GmbH

Waldelerweg 8
I-39037 Mühlbach (BZ)

Vertretung Tirol
Herbert Mayr
T +43 (0)664 5234099