Project Description
KITZBÜHEL & Alpine Region | Issue 04 | Autumn 2017 Text: Klaus Dörre

Whoever thought that high-end doesn’t have higher quality is going to experience far more than acoustic sensations from the sound systems by “Poet Audio”. Because this Styrian company also sets brand new standards in handling and design.

Authentic sound reproduction and easy handling without gnarled swarms of cords and cables: that is the Alpha and Omega in the high-end zone of audio systems. Poet Audio goes (at least) one step further:

Vision possible

“My idea was to fire up the imaginations of top people from the fields of audio engineering, electronics, design, wood and metal technology and merge them into one all-encompassing vision of sound systems that conquer our sensory perceptions; are simple to operate; and are built in Austria,” explains Markus Platzer, founder and CEO of Poet Audio. The result, according to overwhelming feedback from sophisticated private customers, world-famous musicians (!) and experts from the branch all over the world is: utterly natural, undistorted sound. And what’s more: “presumably the best wireless sound systems in the world.”

Natural and undistorted

It is no wonder, when you realize that all Poet Audio products do not enter the market until they have been thoroughly and meticulously tested in the acoustic studio, applying fastidious comparisons with original music instruments as reference points.

Ease of use

Added to that is another claim which is made – and fulfilled – by Poet Audio: the simplest, easiest, most convenient operation in the world. “Complicated devices have lost their right to exist”, says Platzer. For example, pandoretto° and Co. by Poet Audio works utterly simply via Bluetooth® technology for music players of all prevalent smart phones and tablets. That its sublime high-class design elevates it from an ordinary item of consumer electronics and turns it into an elegant, refined furnishing was the creation of award-winning designer Thomas Feichtner. With that feature, Poet Audio sound systems become a feast for eyes and ears alike.


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