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Vienna | Issue 20 | Autumn 2017

Exclusive service by Gaggenau Cercle Partners

“Gaggenau Cercle Partners“ are an alliance of over 120 Austrian furnishing houses, kitchen studios and furniture retailers, who offer exclusive services associated with the Gaggenau brand. One of them is “Gaggenau Genusswelt“: On purchasing four kitchen appliances, a chef will visit the Gaggenau client at home and demonstrate the diverse applications the devices are capable of during a cookery course tailored to customer requirements. Clients have the choice of three different variants. These range from an appliance demonstration by a professional chef, to a cookery course with friends in one’s own private kitchen or an exclusive dinner at home. Please contact Gaggenau Cercle Partner for further details on costs and services offered. These can be found at

EB 333: New interpretation of a design icon

In the 333rd year of its existence, Gaggenau celebrates the 30th birthday of its 90 cm wide oven. In homage to this legendary device, Gaggenau has developed an avant-garde version with modernized form and functionality. The new model is equipped with the latest in technology and quality standards. In keeping with this extraordinary anniversary, the device was renamed EB333.
As a particularly striking feature, the new 90 cm wide oven features an all-over 3 mm stainless steel door that takes up the entire breadth of the oven and provides a particularly smooth and elegant front panel appearance.
A revised lighting concept further enhances the overall aesthetics of the device. Oven functions can now be controlled intuitively via a TFT touch display.

Since introduction of the first 90 cm wide EB 300 oven to the European market in 1986, extra-wide ovens from Gaggenau have made it possible to enjoy professional cooking experiences in one’s own private kitchen – and are appreciated by star chefs and ambitious hobby cooks alike. Just like its predecessor, the EB 388, EB 333 is crafted almost entirely by hand using selected materials.

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