Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 41 | Summer 2017    Text: Barbara Jahn

The trends of 2017 slightly resemble a kidnapping: the fifties, mix-match and philosophical recycling are the themes which are cutting the ice.

Clean products which function perfectly and are perfectly manufactured are boring. Nowadays people want a table whose burled swirls and knotholes tell the story of the tree from which they stem; or a stone that can relate what earth was like a few thousand years ago. Furniture nowadays has to tell a story.

Nostalgia with pazazz

“Every piece comes with a story,” is the philosophy of Danish manufacturer Carl Hansen. For years, renowned editors have dug deep into their annals and archives to adapt classics to the spirt of the age. The trend is not new, but tenacious. That is the result of several factors, i.e. because many things in the last 100 years were really rather good, and original, but also because it is cool to combine “old“ with “young“. Besides, there is a certain glee in melding new with used. And most of all, it is craftmanship at its highest level which is finally beaming through: innovative combinations, strenuous and sophisticated seams bear witness to it all.

Pleasures revisited

Not to be overlooked in 2017 is a newfound love for so-called mid-century style. Colours like old powdery pink and sculpted forms like kidney-shaped tables are simply imperative, they have to be there. The 50s, bursting with their lust-for-life, are being rediscovered with their typical colour combinations, wall units are undergoing a renaissance, dark woods such as teak, walnut, smoked oak, have fan clubs galore. The big theme is fineness, tenderness, delicacy. The best remakes are those which can unite all of these factors. Chic plus charm plus filigree elegance are injected with rascally anecdotes about appearances and spontaneous insights. What arrives home after all these wide-world spanning journeys of the imagination are personal desires and the wondrous adventures which go on inside each person’s head.