Project Description

Yachting | 2021

Feadship’s charter yacht “Savannah” is 83.5 metres long and the most efficient super-yacht on the world’s seven seas. As the first hybrid mega-yacht on earth, it offers three different power trains. Above and beyond that, it is stupendously beautiful. Equipped with lots of luxuries and comforts on board. And a number of interior highlights which will surprise and tickle even the most spoiled and demanding charter guests.

When the “Savannah” lies shimmering on the waves its futuristic design might easily (in the imaginations of some science-fiction fans) give rise to an impression that it is but the tip of a mammoth spaceship, which is poised to launch from beneath the watery surface into the vast depths of outer space. “To boldly go where no one has gone before…” That impression is not entire misleading, for underwater the “Savannah” also has a few surprises in store for passengers. The “Nemo Lounge” is one example: it is located beneath the waterline, inviting passengers to spectacular views of deep sea life.

The first Feadship with hybrid power train is a masterpiece of innovative engineering arts. More than 1000 people were involved for four years in its development and completion. The result is a melange of avant-garde design and technology, which consumes far less diesel fuel than comparable large-format vessels.

For the extravagant design, Italian architect Cristina Gherardi Benardeau was responsible. Her passion to transcend the norms is visible as it threads its way continually over all six decks. The organic curved swing of the walls leads the way superbly through the rooms, make every visitor curious to discover what lies beyond the next bend. Gherardi Benardeau has her office in Paris. She has, among other projects, designed boutiques for Christian Dior and built up the interior division at Giorgio Armani. Asked why she revokes the conventions which hold sway in principles of interior design, Cristina Gherardi Benardeau says the following: “The layout, the walls, ceilings and even the furniture contain curved lines which lend a feeling of freedom to every square inch and at the same time draw together the various rooms into closer harmony.”


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