Project Description

Wien | Issue 18 | WINTER 2016

feuerkultur® design and manufacture unusual surfaces for the fireplace. Pleasant lighting with a deliberate focus on the flames soothes body, mind and soul, awakes feelings of positivity and strengthens vital energy. Living spaces are transformed into a source of inspiration and emotion. Styrian lederhosen embody the traditional clothing culture of the Enns Valley and Ausseerland and are distinguished by their green embroidery and straight seat-seam. The full effect of the leather unfolds with this exclusive and supple covering on the original feuerkultur® leather oven.

Feel the comforting warmth

This model combines tradition with modernity. With great attention to detail and simple straight lines, the ”Ausseer’s“ exceptional character enhances any room.

Feel the woolly warmth

The loden oven combines time-honoured tradition and established values with a new, innovative product design. What emerges from this combination of state-of-the-art technology and natural materials is a unique masterpiece: an extraordinary fireplace. The original Schladminger Lodenofen is particularly effective when placed in a modern room setting.

Mystic flames

feuerkultur® metal art fire columns are the preferred choice for outdoor settings, Whether flanking an entrance or positioned on terrace, the moving flames are mesmerising.
The inner column conceals a flame, which works perfectly with gas. The fire column is equipped with a special bioethanol burner, for safe use in every living room.

Living space centrepiece

Panoramic is a real highlight for contemporary living spaces. The hanging designer fireplace is visible from all sides with an electronically retractable 360° degree glass front. Fire, in a breathtaking synergy of art and design.

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