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Kitzbühel | Issue 48 | Winter 2020

Since 2008, design and fireplace manufacture Schinharl has focused on custom-designed fireplaces. As ‘fireplace architects’ Stefan Schinharl and his co-workers develop sophisticated solutions for home fireplaces using materials such as wood, stone and metal to contain, shape and forge elegant and timeless concepts. Their solutions also enhance the interior decoration of their customers’ homes and emphasize its individuality. Their handcrafted fireplaces in crude steel are highly refined technical masterpieces, their metallic surfaces are in-imitable.

Mehr als nur warm: Schinharls Kamine sind echte Hingucker

The design- and fireplace manufacture selects the best materials available for each level of their creations. They expend energy on the people ordering the fireplace, what they seek, what they need, what moves them. All projects are sketched, planned and executed from one hand, each step of the way is carefully supervised, proceeds in close cooperation with the customer. This professional mode of work upgrades the work of house architects, interior decorators, builders and developers. “We supply perfectly custom-tailored solutions. We devote our entire attention to your personal project, from the first moment when we meet you until the moment when you light a fire in your new fireplace,” explains CEO Stefan Schinharl.

Whoever seeks inspiration and new ideas, or else wants to examine the long list of references for Schinharl, need only pay a visit to the showroom in the ‘Stilhof’ in Brunnthal near Munich to find ample wellsprings of new concepts and proven projects. Prior appointment is requested.

Stefan Schinharl vor einem Kamin


Schinharl Headquarter & Showroom
Aitrachstraße 8
D-84130 Dingolfing
T +49 (0)8731 91384
F +49 (0)8731 91375

Schinharl Showroom
Eugen-Sänger-Ring 7a
D-85649 Brunnthal

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