Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 41 | Summer 2017

The rolling wave of individualism of recent years has finally reached the bathroom: oversized bathtubs, handmade tiles, designer lights. Nowadays you feel right at home in your bath, it fulfils comfort and technology demands just as high as in the living areas. This greatly pleases CEO Peter Hauschild, who has long specialized in complete and highly individualistic bathrooms, from concept all the way to fulfillment, bursting with ideas and innovations.

Anything is possible

“We have products custom-manufactured, surfaces galvanized, new furniture designed. We want our customers to be happy in their new bathroom even after years. That is what makes us keep on evolving, seeking what is newer, better” says Hauschild, describing his incentive towards greater achievement. Standing right behind him is Heidemarie Hütter, whose galaxy of bathroom-planning ideas turns vague dreams into a true oasis.

New showroom at Aufschnaiter

If you have an urge to delve into Hauschild designs and competences, you can now do so at the Aufschnaiter showrooms in St. Johann, where Hauschild presents bathroom culture at its finest on 60 m² of floor space, including on prior arrangement individual counsel on your own private wellness zone.


HAUSCHILD Installationen
GmbH & Co KG
Pass-Thurn-Straße 60
A-6371 Aurach bei Kitzbühel
T +43 (0)5356 645850

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