Project Description

Streifzug Gourmet | 2017

For the past three decades, Joseph Salvenmoser has trod the same path to his workshop in Langau where he personally designs and produces every single one of his glasses. An artist as a one-man-band, which he can afford to be. He does not need to concern himself with the marketing of his glasses.

The Rochelt Glass

Since the famous schnapps maker, Günter Rochelt, discovered his glasses in 1988 and commenced production of the Joseph Salvenmoser in-house collection, these works of art can be found at noteworthy vernissages the world over. Arnold Schwarzenegger loves them, as do numerous private individuals and leading hotels.

Joseph S.

Awards such as the Austrian State Prize, Gault Millau and the French Association of Sommeliers underline the significance of his works. Each glass is blown freehand and bears the inimitable „Joseph S.“ signature.

Joseph S. Salvenmoser
Langau 16 | A-6370 Kitzbühel
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